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Helsinki, Finland (competition 2019)

Proposed extension for the Finnish National Museum with 610m2 on the ground level and 3320m2 underground. The timber construction carefully approaches the historically preserved park area. 


The Annex is a rectilinear long volume covered by a shingled pitched roof. The building does not impose a front or a back but visually connects the two streets inviting visitors through opening in the existing walls. 

Two new areas are created in the park: a Piazza and the Giardini, spaces for interaction and isolation. The original Museum is linked to the Annex with a grand staircase that connects one of the courtyards to the underground. The underground rooms are distributed around an atrium space lightened by skylights. 

The proposal connects to the existing without making physical changes to the characteristic facades. The design recalls finnish traditional constructions and involves wood as main building material. 

 © Ivan Segato - Nicklas Ivarsson - Daniel Elis Karlsson

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