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Nairobi, Kenya (2019)

Timber pavilion built in cypress Kenyan wood for the 1st UN-Habitat Assembly exhibition.


The space is designed to host exhibitions and to serve as a stage/platform for annual events.

The PP has been designed and built in 10 days and it is the result of a very compact and challenging process. The entire structure is composed by two sections of wooden boards and it is thought to be easily-quickly assemblable.


The design is a system of trusses connected with screws. The standard dimension of the plywood boards covering the roof dictates the structural grid. Inside the pavilion is presented Arvet’s work, promoting wooden constructions and sustainable management of forests to the Kenyans entities.


Following the Assembly exhibition the pavilion has been transported to Mathare (Nairobi’s Slum), donated to the community in collaboration with the United Nations.

 © Ivan Segato - Arvet Trä AB

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