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Thank you for visiting my webpage. 

Find below some details about the offer!



What is the offer about?

I will go all in and make projects at 1/3 of the market price.

Average rate in Sweden 870 kr/h.

Offer rate 290 kr/h.

What projects are eligible?

Any architectural, interior or product design project that has an overall maximum cost of 3 million SEK.


Why am I doing this?

To reach new clients in Sweden and get people to know my work, but also to give to a broader public the possibility of buying good architectural ideas at a very reasonable price. 






The offer is valid for the first 5 customers that will contact me. From that moment up to 1 month they will have the priority. The amount of projects still available will be shown in the bottom right corner of this page.

The offer is strictly related to the sole production of architectural material (conceptual and technical drawings, renders, models etc.) and does not apply to any construction cost.

I expect that the demand for these projects may outstrip supply. I have therefore limited the amount of projects that people can request to a maximum of one per person. I reserve the right to accept or reject any project, at any time, before having signed a duties agreement.

There is no charge to contact me and discuss about the project.


Special price agreement can be taken for very inspiring projects and  open minded people.

If you wish to contact Ivan Segato these are his contacts:

+46 73 677 56 22


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